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Online Dropship System

Dropship business model is getting popular for people to sell their products online. Based on research 80-90% people who run dropship business model does not have a proper system. Trying to integrate the use of e.g Facebook page and email which can at time difficult to track on which agent order which item. With Online Dropship System you will be able to automate the process starting from agen registration, ordering form and up to order tracking for agent.

Our application will be fully customized to follow your needs, such as :

  • Website logo
  • Unlimited colour option
  • Images
  • Copywriting
  • Labelling
Registration Once Admin approved, agent id is created automatically and send to agent via email.
Top Agent Will automatically display top 10 agents, based on agent sales performance.
Stock Search Agent able to check current stock, this will help agent to check stock and plan their marketing strategies.
Order Form Agent can submit their customer order using a standard form. This will save Admin time to process agent orders.
Order Tracking Agent able to know the status of their order at every stage, once admin update processing status at every stage.

One of the obvious advantage is our customer able to save at least 30%-70% from their daily operational hour. Having more time, give them advantage to boost their sales and plan on marketing. In business time is money and time is crucial for them.

Our product is user friendly and simple. We minimise on data entry and try to automate process as much as possible.

For example by a single click after approving new agent, the system will auto generate new agent id and password, generate new email content, send email automatically to user and enable agent to access the system on the spot. Admin able to approve this via their smartphone as the system is able to be views via smartphone, how convenient is that :)

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