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Let us assist you in creating premium quality website, ecommerce site where you can sell you products and write blog.

Web Application

Let us assist you in developing your own customize application e.g to manage your inventory, dropship system, room reservation etc.

Mobile Application

Let us assist you in developing mobile application that showcase your company portfolio, sell product online and much more.

Database (Oracle/MySql)

Let us assist you in installing database, load and extract data from your legacy database, export data to file and so on.

UNIX Shell Scripting

Let us assist you in creating script to backup your system, clean logs & files, doing admin task and more.

Support and Maintenance

Let us assist you in maintaining the products you bought from us, our support will take away IT complexity from your business operation.


User Friendly

Not just another beautiful website/product. Our website/product is easy to use, no hassle even for non IT savvy.


Simplify complexity

One of our aim is to takeaway IT complexity so that our customer doesn't have to worry to much on the technology side.



We develop our product so that it can integrate with our future product seamlessly. This is the value we want to instill in our products.

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We Build IT Ecosystem. It doesn't matter which media/device your are using, data should be the same !
Malaysian Online Dropshippers

Malaysian Online Dropshippers.

Online Dropship System


ropship business model is getting popular for people to sell their products online. Based on research 80-90% people who run dropship business model does not have a proper system. Trying to integrate the use of e.g Facebook page and email which can at time difficult to track on which agent order which item. With Online Dropship System you will be able to automate the process starting from agent registration, ordering form and up to order tracking for agent.

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A Beautiful Website


beautiful website is the key. For us creating a beautiful website is essential for all our customers. Website visitor will only takes few seconds to evaluate your website. First impression is very important. Information on your website must be well presented. Imagine website is like your sales person, a good sales person speaks clearly and able to influence people. See example of our works

Web Responsive Design

According to customer requirements we will emphasize to have website build with responsive design in mind (although not all will need). What is the deal with this, well according to expert research in article How Important Is Responsive Design ?. Below are the 7 key reasons :

  • Mobile Usage is Increasing
  • Recommended By Google
  • Can Increase Conversion Rates
  • Better User Experience
  • Easier to Manage
  • Stay Ahead of Competition

Application for business

In today challenging online business environment, each business owner needs an edge to keep competitive in the market. Among important things to maintain is product and customer (agent if using dropship business model). We must ensure the supply chain is running smoothly.

Web application can save time

Every business owners knows time is money, if you can save 30-70% of your routine and daily business operational time, you can save money and generate more income. Imagine everyday you needs to keep track how much product has been sold, how many left, inform agent of the delivery status, change order (customer wants different products), how much sales have you made for that day and the list keep on building. What if all this can be automated ? The answer is yes. We can develop web application according to your requirement. See example of our very own product Online Dropship System to get the idea.

Data needs.

If you have been operating your business for quite sometimes, chances are there you are keeping you business data since day one. Your business data is your company treasures. You might want to take a peek at your business history data to help you with some planning. Or you might needs the legacy data for migration into a new system. What ever your needs rest assure we can assist you with this

Our expertise in data extraction and loading on Oracle and MySQL platform is not build overnight. Our team is proficient in sql query, pl/sql and sql loader technique. Satisfaction guaranteed !

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